Waxing armpit user manual for perfect hair removal

The underarm is one of the most difficult, after that of the jersey. Thin skin, thick hair: all the conditions are met for a painful waxing … Unless you have the right technique! And net income and painless, you marieclaire.fr delivers the user manual of a perfect waxing armpits!

Waxing armpit why it hurts so much?

After waxing the bikini, underarm hair removal is one of the most painful. And because the skin in this area is particularly thin and therefore very sensitive. Besides the underarm hair is often thicker than the rest of the body and therefore more difficult to pull off. And as if that were not enough, they grow in two different senses, hence the obligation to iron twice on the same area …

Waxing armpit: I want a painless hair removal

In most cases, women who do not want to feel pain in plucking choose the razor. A quick technique, without pain … but not necessarily adapted! Shaving causes brownouts that can become infected, especially in such a wetland, where bacteria proliferate easily … For a painless hair removal, the ideal remains the depilatory cream: as effective as the razor and no risk of popping!

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Fight free radical damage

Free radicals are oxygen compounds. In normal conditions, they are naturally produced by the body from 5% of the oxygen that is not used for respiration. This 5%, however, always in normal conditions, is neutralized by enzymatic and non-enzymatic systems responsible.

In contrast, when the amount of free radicals is excessive, not all can be neutralized and those that remain active go to interfere with the normal activity of the cells “disturbandole” making them less efficient and accelerating their aging.

To fight free radicals is therefore primarily necessary to avoid as much as possible to increase the amount of radicals in the body and thus eliminate the causes of their formation, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, excessive exposure to UV rays and without protective filter, the psychological and physical stress caused by job responsibilities and exercise too intense.

These preventive actions must be combined with an adequate intake of nutrients that encourage the activities of neutralizing free radicals. Baca lebih lanjut

How to compliment a girl and make her blush

Knowing how to compliment a girl is very important when trying to make a lasting impression. After all, a compliment shows that you have noticed how a lovely woman, really is.

how to compliment a filleIl are several ways to compliment a woman, and they will always be enjoyable.

Do not you want to be appreciated if you took a long time to dress well and compliments you on your tip-off the way you be dressed?

It feels good, does not it? Your tip-off mentioned the fact that you be well dressed and clean.

And just like that, the girls love to be complimented too.

In fact, women love men more than praise.

How to compliment a woman

One of the first things you need to know to compliment a girl is to be sincere.

Do not just say something nice because you read in a book or your friend sent you a few compliments SMS.

Be sincere when you compliment a girl, and if she see sincerity in your eyes, it will be more flattered and appreciate your compliment.

If you juz only with repeated compliments, she would only feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when she will realize that you’re just trying to compliment order to delve into her panties. Baca lebih lanjut

Fried Hazard to Health


Fried food is food that is quite popular or popular among the general public because it is considered quite cheap and tasty. Almost every canteen as well as stalls selling fried snacks this one. Why fried food is harmful to health? The raw material of fried itself healthy as well as tempeh, tofu, bananas, vegetables, and so on.

It is advisable to consider first before buying the fried foods.

Used cooking oil / jelantah
Used cooking oil / cooking issuing polymer content in it are absorbed in food form trans fatty acids. In the used cooking oil content contained oxygen free radicals, such as peroxide epioksida and mutagens and carcinogens so that the risk to the health of the body. Disruption peroxide in used cooking oil can harm the health, such as cholesterol metabolism can cause disease.

Food wrappers
Packaging that is used to wrap fried, can also endanger the health of the body. Sellers on the edge of the road as well as small shops, usually put on paper that are not used anymore as newspapers, magazines, and so on to wrap fried. The ink contained in the paper when exposed to heat from fried foods can cause the ink to dissolve. This resulted in the ink stick to the fried foods and can lead to the accumulation in body tissues.

Black plastic bag to wrap fried
Plastic bags can also be harmful to health. This is because the black plastic bag is an old plastic bag recycling of used plastics. Black plastic bags are not hygienic because we did not know before the plastic bags used for anything. Black plastic bag when used to facilitate direct food ingredients will release harmful substances into the food, which can ultimately lead to cancer and kidney failure.

6 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

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Stress will lower the system and create somebody really easy to urge sick. Therefore, you want to stop the negative effects of stress by performing some of the items that may cause you to become calmer. The trick? Here square measure six successful thanks to relieve stress.

1. selecting the proper foods

Yes, the proper foods will assist you deal with stress. you’ll be able to opt for a healthy and recent foods to manage stress, like intake a lot of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

2. Adequate sleep

Lack of sleep causes you to have very little energy to deal with stress. Thus, adequate sleep, in order that you’ll be able to come to life with full energy.

3. Exercise often

Physical exercise is one amongst the simplest ways that to alleviate stress. additionally, a healthy body will create it easier to manage stress.

4. Stop damaging your body

Smoking, drinking alcohol, intake and drinking one thing caffeinated can solely worsen your stress. you’ll be able to do one thing healthier wish to attempt a brand new hobby or being attentive to your favorite music.

5. attempt aromatherapy

This is an excellent thanks to rejuvenate the body being tired and stressed thanks to work. opt for your favorite aromatherapy and relax for a flash, inhale.

6. Take an occasion

Remember, you continue to would like a rest to refresh your body and mind. And you’ll solely more stress if you’re employed while not an occasion.

Here square measure six powerful thanks to relieve stress. don’t let stress ruin your health, attempt to be a lot of relax and take time for activities that you just relish.

Natural Ingredients That Can Eliminate Phlegm Quickly and Easily


Panu are often cured by victimization phlegm removal product that may be obtained on the market. However, the chemicals contained in these product junction rectifier to its use became unfriendly and not sensible for the skin. an honest plan to require advantage of natural ingredients that may be found around as a drug. Here square measure some samples of natural materials that may be utilised as a drug to eliminate phlegm:


Besides getting used as a complement in a very spice in cookery, garlic can even be wont to eliminate phlegm naturally.

The trick used is as follows: Take 1-2 cloves of garlic, cut every garlic into two components. Rub garlic on the a part of the body is roofed with phlegm. Repeat frequently two times daily till the plant life benaar utterly lost.


As well as garlic, galangal normally found within the room as spices for seasoning masakkan complete. Besides normally wont to offer a pleasing aroma within the food clad ginger can even be used as a natural remedy to get rid of phlegm.

The trick is: Take some recent galangal. Cut the ginger into two or three sections. Apply ginger water on components of the body coated with phlegm. Perform routine each when bathing.


The type of fruit that goes into this leatherback turtle family includes a flavor that’s quite bitter and bitter and have a tendency to be used as a substitute for bitter acid in vegetable dishes. however are often employed in processed food starfruit can even facilitate take away phlegm.

The trick is as follows: Take some recent edible fruit. Puree with a liquidiser. mix starfruit that has been refined with lime. Toss well then apply on the body square measure coated with phlegm. Repeat two times daily on a daily basis.


Who doesn’t understand this one fruit. The ensuing recent style makes the fruit that goes into citrus family isn’t uncommon to be used as a potable. Lime has several edges for health, so lime can even be wont to treat tinea versicolor.

5 Natural Ingredients That Can Whiten The Face

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You should try to whiten the face with natural ingredients. Using natural ingredients and without the use of chemicals can prevent you from things that are not diingankan on the skin. In addition, the use of natural materials and is also cheaper than using a bag-efficient products on the market or routine treatment at the salon. Here’s how to whiten the face naturally that you should try.

How to whiten face

1 Bengkoang
Bengkoang is one way to whiten the face of a very powerful and has a lot of beauty products such as whitening creams that use bengkoan main ingredient. Bengkoang contains vitamins B1 and C are beneficial both to remove the black stains on the face. Besides the content of vitamin B1 and C can make the skin appear brighter and radiant white.

2 Milk
The benefits of milk in addition to health benefits is that it gives the skin a fresh and bright look more natural. Milk is also beneficial to remove dead skin cells that stick to the skin so that the skin can be regenerated back.

3 Lemon
Lime juice contains natural antioxidants. Lime can be used as a natural way to whiten the face. It also serves to restore the enlarged pores.

4 Tomatoes
Tomato is a fruit rich in vitamin C which can be to bleach the skin.

5 Rice
Rice is also rich in Vitamin E is beneficial for preventing skin from exposure to UV rays and also anti-aging. Rice has been believed since ancient times for generations to serve as a natural substance that can be to bleach the skin.